About the company

Nicholas Berglund is a creative consulting company based in Paris. Working on a global scale, Nicholas Berglund provides creative solutions and strategies to a network of international clients through its roster of high-end commercial directors, and its production and consulting services.


About the work

Powered by an international creative network of established and emerging talent, Nicholas Berglund is dedicated to bringing clients profound insights on how they can create deeper connections with their consumers. Nicholas Berglund believes nurturing the connection between a brand and consumer through the right creative platform will result in higher consumer motivation, loyalty and a flourishing brand connection. Harnessing an international talent base, Nicholas Berglund delivers a wide-range of services from cultural and trend insights, to talent sourcing and producing campaigns, virals, and grass roots events. Nicholas Berglund ultimately seeks to create that magic environment where trend insights, creativity and brand meld together to create a true connection.


About the founder

Based in Paris for 12 years, Nicholas Berglund started in this industry more than 25 years ago when he became a manager of a still and film production studio in Copenhagen, which he also helped build. He worked his way up as a runner, production manager, gaffer, grip and producer while getting a degree in marketing at night. By the mid-‘90s Nicholas was working in production on feature films, and in 1994 became head of TV at Young & Rubicam Denmark . After starting and selling his own production company, Nicholas came to Paris and worked for The Gang Films to develop its international network and seeking talents. He then started the company Nicholas Berglund in 2009.  Now with 25 years of experience in the creative, advertising, fashion, and production industries, Nicholas Berglund has worked with renowned advertising agencies such as Publicis, Ruini e Mariotti, EURO RSCG, Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi, BBDO, Forsman Bodenfors, Wieden + Kennedy, and Dentsu. Nicholas Berglund has serviced a wide range of international clients, including Apple, Audi, Bang & Olufsen, BMW, FIAT Group, Roger Dubuis, GUCCI, Levi`s, SKODA, Mercedes to name a few. Nicholas Berglund is known as the guy who knows everyone everywhere.

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Nicholas Berglund has the capacity to run a production of any size. Our knowledgeable team of production and technical staff are always available to ensure the best possible shoot. We can also provide location, studios, sharing knowledge and assist with any personal requirements. We can help with everything in regards to catering for your needs, anything from A-Z, be it a film or still shooting. We have done both for clients such as Gucci and Enel to name a few.