If we were to reduce Michel and Nico’s journey into one sentence, it would be “every day, learn something you didn’t know the day before”. It’s not surprising then these two brothers from southwest France who are 100% self-taught, have in just 3 years, learned to perform, film, edit, and post-produce of all the shortfilms, documentaries, and adverts that make up their nascent demo ; for tv channels or brands like arte, eurosport, orangetv, redbull as well as professional sports clubs. Their style is a reflection of their desire to move forward in this new life, in a way that’s raw, honest, no frills... They love to observe, meet, write and propose ” for without material means, the important thing is to get better at telling a story ” while they describe with an often poetic and sensitive tone, composing and accompanied by a gripping atmosphere – and they continue to believe, that the most beautiful film remains to be made!